Lorain Public Library System Workers Aid COVID19 Vaccination Effort

April 5, 2021

Union members with the Lorain Public Library System work every day on behalf of the public. Most recently, they have been providing a new service – scheduling COVID19 vaccination appointments.

To date, library workers say that they have helped schedule as many as 2,000 vaccinations. Library workers are using an interface called ArmorVax to locate available appointments. The effort is just one of many services available to the public through their local library system.

“Many of those who call us have no access to the Internet. Even if they have online access, the process of finding a vaccine is complex and time-consuming,” said Cheri Campbell, a Librarian with the Lorain Public Library System and member leader with SEIU District 1199. “One phone call to a library branch, a few screening questions, and they have that sought-after appointment. It is so gratifying to know that we are doing something that will make their lives better,” Campbell concluded.

The Lorain Public Library System has partnered with Lorain County Public Health to schedule appointments. Ultimately, this scheduling work by area library workers and Union members is contributing to the greater vaccination effort and saving lives.